Soundio is an award-winning creative technology studio rethinking how people interact through music.

Photo by  Andrew Loke  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Loke on Unsplash


We are Soundio

Soundio is a creative technology studio from Bergen, Norway, working at the intersection of branding, music and media. We develop brands, products, strategies and concepts, helping brands turn passive followers into active brand ambassadors.

In a world where streaming has made music available anywhere at any given moment, we're enabling fans, artists and brands to come together and create new, fun and engaging music experiences. Technology has allowed us to move far beyond the iPod's "thousand songs in your pocket". Today we have a thousand playlists in our pockets, and we think it's about time people start being creative with all that music.

We are artists, designers and mechanical engineers. We are students, teenagers, wish-we-were-still-teenagers and parents. We paint, we skate, we write and we study international affairs.

We believe that music shouldn’t just be played - music should be played with.

Let’s turn listeners into creators.